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T​his page is to showcase some of my new creations with Alcohol Ink, Watercolor and mixed media.  Most of these will be for sale as prints or cards at Fine Art America, at the shops and galleries, at shows or contact me directly for prints or originals that are available.   

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Jan L Killian - Photography      Woolyfrog Arts
Watchful.  Love to paint bears!  This little guy is on a ProPanel, canvas adhered to a wood cradle and is 18"x24".  Original and Prints available.
In Love  Photo credit to Dee Otter 12x16 on canvas Original available at Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute, IN    $295
Out for a Stroll   12 x 24 on canvas Original Available  $475
Treasures...one of my favorites!  Ravens adding to their stash.  1'x3' on canvas. Original for sale at Cafe Wren.   sold
My Wool  9x12 on canvas available at Cafe Wren.  $175
Finding Their Way  18x25 on canvas.  Original  sold
Gossip  Love swans!  These trumpeters always have something to say!  This painting is 9"x12" on Yupo paper and the original is available.
Hey Baby...We are very lucky to have white pelicans for the summer months in WI!  Go figure!  I love these birds and they are very magical to me.  This one is painted on a 9"x12" Yupo paper and the original is for sale.
Mom and me
Hen's Rule  9x12 on canvas original available at Cafe Wren.  Sold
Little Red  Original sold, but prints available
Cute as a Button  9x12 on canvas available at Cafe Wren.  $175
Princess 9x12 on canvas, original available.  $175
Waiting to grow up.
Breakfast at Teddy's The original is painted on a 2' square canvas.  I took a picture of this wonderful bison at Theodore Roosevelt's park last fall.  Always an amazing time spent with these animals.
Heart & Milk  9x12 on canvas. Original available.  $175
Flamingo....painted on canvas, original and prints available.
Bubbles Otter painted on a 9"x12" tile  Sold
Moo 1  This girl is painted on 12" x12" canvas.  Original sold.
Evening Sun...This bunny is painted on a 6" x 12" Pro Panel and is one of our bunnies in the yard.  Sold
Moo Two  The sister to Moo is also painted on 12x12" canvas!  Original Available at Cafe Wren!  Sold
Golden Angel.   I am doing a series of Earth Angels, these are the wonderful dogs that come into our loves for way too little time.  The teach us love.  All of the dogs in my Earth Angel series will have the wonderful grey face.  This Angel is painted on 9x12" tile and is sold.
Sparrow of a Different Color....had a little fun adding some color to this bird!  6" x 6" Pro Panel.  Original is sold.
Birch Tree Nest...I love making my birch trees....this is painted on 4" x 13" tile.  Original sold, but prints are available and other birch tree originals.
Searching....From a photo I took of snowbuntings but got creative and made new birds!  Painted on 6" x 12"  Gesso Panel.
Just Resting photo credit goes to Tim Halvorson, 12"x24" original available at Cafe Wren.  $475
Catch of the Day  12"x24" on canvas  Original available at Cafe Wren Sold
Girl Talk...this painting is on a 6" x 12" Pro Panel.  The original as well as prints are available.
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