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I love animals, birds and just about all creatures....always have, always will.  It is just in me.  

Each living soul that I have had the privilege to capture in a photograph, has its own unique personality and character.  The eyes tell the story of all animals and birds.   When I paint, I can capture personality by correctly portraying the eyes, when I take photographs I strive for the same.  I see joy, love, fear, curiosity, happiness, protectiveness, bossiness and 'whatever' in all species.

In my paintings, I use alcohol inks, acrylic inks, watercolor on a variety of surfaces, tile, canvas, gesso panels, metal and Yupo paper.  I love the bright intense colors that the ink provides and the surprises I get while attempting to control the ink that floats on top of my painting surface!  My paintings are whimsical & fun but some but realistic.  I hope you enjoy!

I am a dedicated animal lover and protector....I respectfully take images of wild animals and birds only.  So please enjoy these cruelty free photos!

Jan Killian

Jan L Killian - Woolyfrog Arts  & Photography
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I was very pleased to win Exhibitors Award and People's Choice Award from the Fall Salon of  Earth Arts - artists of the Upper St. Croix Valley, in November.  My 1'x2' piece was done in alcohol ink on metal and the theme was Crashing Colors.  Sold
So excited to be included in Cathy Taylor's 2nd edition of Pigments of Your Imagination.  Are you wondering about trying out these inks?   Here is the perfect book to get you started!
One of my favorite shows, Park Point in Duluth, MN, honored me with my first painting award at a show!
2016 has been a very fun year!
This has been the year of many firsts! My painting BZZZZZZZZZZ was on the cover of Volume One, a magazine from Eau Claire.  My Wool was on the cover in 2018!